Impression Inspirations

Where do you get ideas to design your own Civil War Lady dresses? From the same places the ladies did during the Civil War era.



Visit the Basics of Civil War Lady's Style and learn about all the layers it took to create the ideal Civil War look.

You can download a FREE information sheet telling you about the Basic Styles of Clothing worn by women during the Civil War period 1858 - 1865.


Fashion Plates

The Ladies anxiously awaited their monthly periodicals such as Godey's and Harpers because these magazines had 2 pages of color illustrations of the latest fashions along with stories, cooking instructions, and needlework instructions.

You will find drawings of some of those Fashion Plates in the Civil War Ladies Sketchbooks, or check out the copies of actual Fashion Plates.


This dress was re-created from a painting seen in an antebellum plantation house. Modern fabrics were chosen that had the look and feel of the original fabrics.


A great source of research which shows what the Civil War Lady actually wore are the surviving photographs from that period.

You will find drawings made from some of those photos in the Civil War Ladies Sketchbook, Vol. 3. You can also check out the sheets of CDV's that you can order for your own research.

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