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Kathleen York, the author of the Civil War Ladies Sketchbooks series has been doing Civil War Living History since 1976. She has a Masters Degree in Instructional Design and designs all types of training. With a B.S. in Art she has also worked as a Needlecraft Designer.

Kathleen started the Civil War Ladies Sketchbooks in 1980 to show women reenactors how they should dress to look like Civil War women. These books were the first books focusing only on the Civil War era clothing.

She learned to sew as a girl and combined that skill with her artistic talents to design and sew Civil War dresses.

Kathleen's Civil War Ladies Sketchbooks combine well-researched information with practical sewing knowledge and instructional writing experience.



"The Civil War centennial (1961 - 1965) primarily involved men and boys. Military units were formed and battles reenacted. Recent Civil War activity has lost much of its sexist orientation as more women have taken up living history as a hobby. Kathleen York's sketchbooks both reflect and encourage this trend. York's examples are based on fashion plates which appeared in ladies' magazines such as Godey's, Harper's and Peterson's between 1956 and 1965. Her notes are useful, carefully considered but not pedantic. They are written out in script, as in so many other sketchbooks - which adds an informal charm. . . . Together the volumes constitute an excellent introduction to the clothing of women in the Civil War period."

The Living History Sourcebook, by Jay Anderson

"I have all three of your 'Civil War Ladies Sketchbook.' I use them frequently for references and my clothes making and find them very helpful."

S. Bressler

Harrisburg, PA

"Two years ago I was given Vol. 1 & 3 of your Civil War Ladies Sketchbook series. I found a delightful store of clearly well researched information that was presented in an approachable, engaging format, and I greatly enjoyed reading them. These works inspired me not only to explore other resources about Civil War ladies but also to begin studying the war itself and eventually start sewing my own period correct dress."

K. Personius

Fort Worth, TX

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