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The House of York has been publishing the Civil War Ladies Sketchbooks since 1980. These books are your premier source for information about Civil War women's and children's clothing during the period of 1858 to 1865.

This Civil War Ladies website can provide you with books, CDVs and Civil War fashion plates, plus other information to teach you about the Civil War styles and inspire you to make your own Civil War Ladies outfit. 



Visit the Basics of Civil War Lady's Style and learn about all the layers it took to create the ideal Civil War look.

You can download a FREE information sheet telling you about the Basic Styles of Clothing worn by women during the Civil War period 1858 - 1865.


  Civil War Ladies Sketchbooks

The Civil War Ladies Sketchbook series of books will show you through drawings and explanations what the dresses, bonnets and hairdos looked like.

Order these paper-backed books to see drawings from Civil War period ladies' magazines and actual clothing.

  Snapshots of History

Visit Snapshots of History to see how people really dressed during the Civil War era. Carte de Visites, or CDVs, are photos from that time.

Order sheets of CDVs to use as research into Civil War lady's clothing as well as children's and men's clothing.

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  Impression Inspirations

Visit Impression Inspirations to get ideas on how to start creating your own Civil War era fashions.

Learn how to use the research available to create an authentic and beautiful impression or outfit.

  Fashion Plates

See some of the Fashion Plates from periodical of the time that the Civil War ladies used for inspiration.

Order a Civil War Fashion Plate to use for research or to frame and hang on your wall.

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